Environmental Lubricants Manufacturing (ELM) is the leading manufacturer of biodegradable-biobased lubricants and greases in the United States.

In the demanding world of lubricants, attention to quality must be constantly maintained and expanded. That's why ELM pays such close attention to all aspects of processing and quality assurance. ELM's commitment to quality starts upon receipt of base oils and additives. Unlike most lubricant facilities ELM utilizes the specialized instrumentation unique to vegetable oils such as the oxidation stability instrument required to test the unique oxidative properties of our products.

Our Products Exceed Industry Standards

ELM's Biotechbased™ products are premium quality Biobased lubricants formulated from renewable, biodegradable USA-grown vegetable oils. Our quality lubricants and greases are designed to replace and mix readily in conventional petroleum products. They help you and your customers use safer and more environmentally friendly lubricants while complying with federal environmental purchasing programs.

Selling ONLY through Private Label and through successful distributors with established client base at prices that are in parity with mineral based products. This means ELM green products can be sold along with conventional lubricants without sacrificing margins.

ELM is Always Innovating

ELM is Always Innovating

ELM is home to many innovations that include many first-ever products and processes encompassing 10 patented and over 40 trade secreted products. The first soybean oil based universal tractor transmission hydraulic fluid was marketed in 1997 and patented in 1998. Other products included the first soybean oil based transformed oil patent, the first biobased solid stick lubricants and recently the first microwave grease processing patent. Trade secreted innovative products include wire rope greases, drill rod greases, food grade lubricants, rail curve greases, elevator hudraulic oils and metalworking fluids.

ELM’s Technology, transferred from over two decades of research at the University of Northern Iowa’s National Agriculture-Based Lubricants Center, along with nearly two decades of commercial activity have produced a wealth of technical data, technical presentations and publications useful to the formulators, to distributors and to end users.


There is a saying that expresses some of the problems in grease processing: "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

A careful inventory of the greases currently in use can reveal opportunities to switch to a few types of multipurpose grease.

Until recently, energy savings have been marginal and difficult to achieve without compromising finished lubricant quality. Now two new manufacturing techonologies are changing the game.

Where to Get ELM Products

ELM products are offered under various private labels. So, it’s likely that many brands of biobased lubricants and greases offered are manufactured and packaged by ELM. There are some companies and distributors that offer the ELM products under the ELM brand names. The following is a sampling of some of the companies that offer ELM products. ELM offers products only through distributors. Please e-mail or call for more information on where to get ELM’s products.


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