Who We Are

Environmental Lubricants Manufacturing, Inc is the leading manufacturer of biobased lubricants and greases in the United States. Our Biotechbased™ products are based on exclusive technology; using efficient microwave energy for our production process and formulated with renewable, biodegradable USA grown vegetable oils. ELM lubricants and greases are environmentally friendly and meet or exceed industry standards.

ELM Products
Railroad Curve for Wayside
High-rail Application
Heavy Duty Truck Grease
Multi-Purpose Grease
Semi-Truck & Fifth Wheel Grease
Industrial and Food Grade Hydraulic Fluids
Food Machinery Lubes and Greases
Gear Oils
Bar & Chain Lubricant
Marine & Waterway Greases
Concrete Form Release
Dust Suppressant

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In the demanding world of lubricants, attention to quality must be constantly maintained and expanded. That's why ELM pays such close attention to all aspects of processing and quality assurance. Read More

Why Elms' vegetable oils have superior
performance and are safer

Many factors come into play when choosing
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Research Papers
An Update on Manufacturing Biobased Grease Using Microwaves
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Biobased Hydraulic Fluids
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News Developments in Alternative Wood Treatment
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Biobased Lubricants
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A Comparative Study of Biobased and Conventional
Rail Curve Grease

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Proposed First Draft for a Universal Railroad Gage Face Grease
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